Are Corrupt but Efficient Politicians better than the Inefficient ones?


  • Corruption and efficiency as we see theoretically are two opposite sides of a coin but when we consider a practical scenario where a person or a politician cannot work independently and has to use some kind of manipulative strategies for his own personal benefits to get some work done; these two words are the same.
  • The politicians are not able to take care of citizen’s benefits because they are inefficient. If we have the efficient politicians who are a bit corrupt but are able to serve the nations interest, it would change the scenario.
  • The notorious hoopla over Pranab Mukherjee being elected the president seems to be overhyped. The now president may have corruption charges or in fact may even be corrupt but that does not overshadow the fact that he is one of the most effective finance minister India has ever seen which can be easily glimpsed in the laws introduced by him like the retrospective tax-laws and the GAAR.
  • The governmental set-up in India is such that there are a lot of underpaid politicians present and hence to sustain themselves in the system, they ask for bribes to get the work done but ultimately the fact remains that the work is done.
  • The inefficiency of politicians came out in recent Mumbai terror attacks. Whatever the government did to impose peace, was it enough?
  • Let us take the example of commonwealth games; we all know that large chunks of money were absorbed by corrupt politicians and hence the end result is the successful completion of this international event. Efficiency can be observed from the fact that even London is struggling to keep up to the standard of Olympics 2012.
  • We, so far, are given to understand that Dr. Manmohan Singh has been an honest Prime Minister but he hasn’t really been efficient on sufficient number of occasions during his stint.
  • Presently, given the deep roots of corruption in our country, it is not a secret that an honest politician is hard to come by and even if someone takes the initiative the system won’t let him survive and ultimately would result in the delay in his/her work.



  • A corrupt politician cannot fulfill his duties even if he is efficient because he will use his caliber in only his selfishness.
  • Whereas an honest politician might not be able to perform but at least he can improve the current dirty politics and social corruption problem by his honesty and hence strive towards a clean system which will automatically be efficient.
  • The question is this – How one can be inefficient if he is performing his duties with honesty and will keep doing so to complete his/her duty in the best way possible?
  • Corruption is deteriorating the Indian society; we cannot allow a corrupt person as our leader which will only result in setting bad examples for others.
  • Corrupt politicians can never be efficient due to the basic human nature of desiring more and more which can only result in inefficiency.
  • People usually forget that they were elected to work for the welfare of public and not to fulfill their own pockets. Corruption blind folds people as they put in all their efforts in making money by wrong means.
  • With the country suffering from severe economic crisis and the already mounting lists of scams there is no space for bribery and the need of the hour is to invest maximum for the welfare of citizens.
  • Due to corruption, India is lagging behind. Now by choosing corrupt people whether or not they are efficient enough to bring a change in the country; we can only worsen the situation more.