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If you are aspiring to get into a company of your choice, then you have come to the right place...
We aim at guiding you in the best possible way by increasing the information and services provided by us in terms of quality as well as quantity to help in your holistic development, thereby making you more informed about, and better prepared for YOUR dream company.

COMPANY CUBICLE - This section will give you all available information (like profile, posting, eligible branches, procedure, packages, etc.) about various companies along with highly valuable experiences submitted by people who were selected in these companies in the form of documents as well as videos.

COMMUNICATION ESSENTIALS - This section will serve as your guide if you wish to know more about the nuances of sitting in a Group Discussion (GD), the 'do's' and 'don'ts' for any Personal Interview (PI), the art of building that perfect Resume/CV, or how to fill a Company Specific Form.

MIND-GAMES - This section is here to explain all you need to know about Case Studies, Guesstimates and Puzzles. Tips and tricks telling you about how to think and proceed when you come across them are available, and so are various solved examples and unsolved problems for sharpening your mind and giving you a feel of the real deal. Also, there is the exciting Competition Corner where you can find competition problems which will be updated from time-to-time, and on solving them you will have a chance to win prizes and goodies.

NOTE-WORTHY - This section is the solution for notes of all kinds, be it class notes, laboratory practicals, excerpts from important chapters, and a lot more. This is the place for submitting or accessing notes, to help and look for help, to make life easier for students...
Notes will be updated regularly.
Everyone is urged to submit as many notes as possible and help your friends, fellow batch-mates and future generations of juniors!!!

WORKSHOPS & EVENTS - This section will provide updates and details of any and every workshop or event being conducted by TNBS.
Details of upcoming workshops and events will be available here with comprehensive itineraries, venues, dates, times, registration details, etc.